In May of 2004, I went out to my local EB Games and bought a PS2, a USB keyboard, and my copy of Final Fantasy 11.  Since then, me and my Tarutaru character, Tweek, have put in hundreds of days worth of play time (that’s right, days, not hours) and I have loved them all. Having spent so much time playing, I grew incredibly attached to the music.  Unfortunately, in 2004 my remixing abilities were worse than terrible!  Fast forward to 2009 and the inspiration hit me to try my hand at a remix from the game.  After finishing the first one, I wanted to try another and then another and so on.  After a hiatus from the project, in 2012 I picked it back up and dove back into the music I loved.

Even though Final Fantasy 11 is one of the games that many Final Fantasy fans have never played, believe me when I say that the music is fantastic.  My only hope is that the album I’ve created will do justice to the fine work from Nobuo Uematsu, Naoshi Mitszuda, and Kumi Tanioka.  The journey I’ve taken over the past three years with this project has shown me just how amazing these three composers truly are.     Tweex the Gaming Geek (me) is a composer, blogger, remixer, comic artist, and all around nerd.  If you want to listen to more music from Tweex, head over the MAIN SITE for much more!


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